Parternship with Ziplist


We are proud to announce that Zest & Zeal now offers ZipList! Many of you may already use ZipList for other sites.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the site, you can add the ingredients for any recipe from Zest & Zeal to your shopping list with just one click!  You can also save recipes that you know you want to make to the ZipList recipe box.  The site enables you to keep all your favorite recipes from all your favorite blogs and websites in one organized place and also allows you to easily print your recipes! Ziplist has a free mobile app, so you can even get organized while on the go.  

You will see a Recipe Box tab in the navigation bar on the top of our site (see picture below), which is where you want to go to take advantage of all of the wonderful tools Ziplist offers to make your culinary endeavors organized and headache free.  You can set-up an account and start saving recipes from all of your favorite sites! To learn more about the Ziplist site please visit their homepage. We look forward to your our partnership with Ziplist!


With Zest & Zeal

Jaime & Carrie

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