Wrap it Up - Toddler Approved!

Last week we shared a list of our favorite prepared foods - foods we prefer to buy over making homemade.  Well, Ezekiel wraps made the list - wraps/tortillas are one food I know I would royally mess up if I tried to make them from scratch!  I always have a bag of small and large Ezekiel wraps in my freezer so I thought I would share a few kid-friendly ideas for this ultimate food transporter!  

Our Favorite Prepared Foods

Sure, the idea of baking, dehydrating, fermenting, canning, and preserving all of our own culinary staples and garnishment sounds romantic, but let's be real - we don't have time.  That is a full-time job and we aren't pioneers.  We all need the option of a little convenience in life, so we put together a list of some of our favorite prepared foods and staple condiments that help keep life simple, but oh-so-delicious!